I bought a medium Purse Perfector, I liked it so much 1 week later I ordered a large one. Cant wait for it to arrive, I love being able to reach in my purse to organization. what a GREAT idea and cause!!

I just received my Purse Perfector today. It is so rare for me to write about any product but as a bit of a handbag junkie, I feel compelled to let you know that you have created the most fabulous innards for any bag.

Last week, as I was digging around in the bottomless pit that is my bag, I thought, there has got to be a product out there that one can stick into a bag to keep things in place. I think I plugged in "handbag organizer insert" into a search engine and came across I immediately placed an order for a medium Purse Perfector.

I will be telling all of my family, friends and colleagues about the Purse Perfector -- female or male.

By the way, the note with my name handwritten on it and signed by you, is a very, very nice touch.

Thank you!

Sturdy, plenty of pockets and easy to move my "stuff" from handbag to handbag. Support Made in America!

I have been using my Purse Perfector for over a year, and seriously believe that it is my most practical possession. I love it so much that I like to share the joy by giving it to friends as gifts. The Purse Perfector is a well executed, simple idea that really works. Made the USA and packaged by developmentally disabled - added bonus!

Absolutely LOVE my Purse Perfector. I previously was a Nurse Manager, and it was great to be able to pick up my Purse Perfector and drop it into my other purses. Will and do recommend it to everybody I know. I am planning to order some for my family and friends for birthdays and holidays this year. Thanks so much for sharing your talent in makng the Purse Perfector for all women who have tried it. LOVE MINE! (several)..Thanks again!

I bought the gray one for me and the blue for a girlfriend. This is the best gift you can give a girlfriend. My bag is not organized and I can lift it up and place it in a new bag with ease. I know where everything is when I reach over and don't have to rummage at the bottom of the bag for items anymore. Thank you. And, I love it even more because it is Made in America.

I read about this type of product on a blog, so searched on Amazon and found the Purse Perfector. I have several of the larger purses that are currently in fashion, and sometimes I carry a very large, completely unstructured bag to work. Although I like the style of these large bags, I hate how everything in the bag ends up in a snarl on the bottom, ending up in an odd weight distribution plus I can not ever find anything.

The Purse Perfector has a series of large and small pockets. I put my eyeglasses in the taller back pocket and my pen. My lip glosses, in their own little pouch, went in another pocket, and I used the front tabs for all my various security badges. I was able to put my cell phone in another pocket. Then, I emptied my purse and put the Purse Perfector in first, followed by all my other junk. I really like how the Perfector stops heavy items from clustering in one corner of the bag, and eliminates some of the need to dig around looking for things (usually at the most inconvenient moment).

You can unzip the Purse Perfector if you want to have something longer and thinner, but I haven't needed to do that. I like this enough to buy another for my computer stuff, and it will also make a great gift. Final compliment, I chose the Purse Perfector over similar products because it is made in the USA--was delivered safely but not over packed, tissue paper in the pockets, no plastic smell, and a note from the company--all very nice!

Like a lot of people I was a little hesitant to purchase from the internet something like this that costs this much, but I was desperate for some purse organization. I didn't buy this to go in my current purse, as I thought my purse was too flimsy/floppy for it to do any good, but I received it and tried it and it not only fits perfect but adds some extra support for my purse and is just what I need to make me love my purse again. I ordered a different purse to put it in but I didn't need to since it works so well in the one I have now. I absolutely love it. It's designed sensibly, wallet fits in the middle, easy in/easy out..and the pockets are perfect for my needs. I don't carry a lot in my purse, mostly just essentials, but with this I can put things I wouldn't normally carry like bandaids, tweezers and what not and know that it will stay put and be easily accessible. It is sturdy, well-made, and lightweight. I thought I would return it, but it's a keeper.

My purchases arrived today and I am thrilled!! I am an organizational neat-nik and the Purse Perfector could not be more perfect. My only regret is that I did not invent it! Best wishes and continued success.

p.s. the packaging was fun!

I've only had mine for a week and I LOVE it. I bought the large size for my work tote, and today I just bought a medium size for my smaller purses and also got one for my mom. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! Wish I thought of this idea!!

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